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71lbs audits and claims late-delivery refunds, incorrect charges on your carrier's invoice, and lost or damaged packages


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Jul 06, 2017
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Customer Support

Cons: They are trying to charge us for refunds we never received from FedEx. I have asked for proof that there were refunds and they cannot provide any proof but are still threatening us. I have contacted FedEx and they said they have never given us a refund but 71lbs will not accept that and is still trying to bill us for something we never got. Total scam.

Quick signup and got money back in the first week.

Mar 25, 2014

Comments: This is too easy. It took me 30 seconds to signup and in the first week we had $700 in refunds. I wish I could go back and collect all of last year's refunds too. Best idea we had this year.

Pros: Free found money.

Cons: FedEx & UPS only let you go back 15 days to claim refunds.

Awesome app!

Mar 21, 2014

Comments: easy to sign and 71lbs gave us refunds in a few days. Pretty cool service.

Pros: I don't have time to track this, 71lbs app does this for me an gets me refunds. What else can I ask for.

Cons: I wished I would have signed up before.

A Consultant's Dream

Mar 04, 2014

Comments: I've been recommending 71lbs to my clients for almost 2 years. It is an instant value add for what I do. It literally takes 45 seconds to sign up. Most of that time is finding FedEx account info. On average, my clients are getting over 5% shipping refunds. I use their services to add value to what I offer on initial meetings, walking clients through a signup while I'm in their office. This is one of those no-brainers that not many businesses know about.

Pros: 45 second signup 5-10% refunds literally set and forget, client side is completely automated Free recovered expenses Shipping Analytics included

Cons: 50% of refunds for service (although NONE of my clients would ever have the time to do this manually) invoiced monthly for any refunds. (You can add a credit card now to the account to continue automation)

This is a no-brainer

Feb 21, 2014

Comments: We have been using 71lbs for a few months now and love it. Who wouldn't want to receive refunds we were not getting before? They do all the work for us and we get our refunds every week. It's a no-brainer

Pros: Refund money we would not have gotten otherwise No refunds, no pay to 71lbs

Cons: Should have signed up sooner