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Create and share learning games and attach learning goals to every resource.

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Learn playing

Sep 24, 2018

3 / 5
Ease of Use

3 / 5
Features & Functionality
Likelihood to Recommend: 6.0/10 Not

Pros: It is proven that today children have an intelligent electronic device, and many times, they use it to play. If you as a parent, a teacher, want fun as well as fun, then LearnPlayground is an application that is ideal.

This tool has 25 types of interactive content and more than 30,000 articles, so as not to stop learning and playing.

Also, this educational and entertainment material can be useful in several schools, as a fun way to learn and understand the usefulness of electronic devices.

As if that were not enough, this application gives you the possibility to create and generate your own didactic and entertaining content, through a simple platform.

Cons: Currently, there are many applications of this type. It should have more profits than revolutions this educational industry. Perhaps, it is one of the many that we can find in the entire range offered by virtual stores. The games are too simple and do not represent an outstanding effort with their graphics. In addition, the construction of this type of educational games are not at all fun to do. While the tool has many possibilities to generate and make content, it is not shown as something that every teacher or parent would resort to handle. It is just another game where through them your child will learn and have fun (which is what it is designed for), but there will come a point where it will annoy you.

Vendor Response

by Cerpus Games on November 19, 2018

Hi Daniel and thank you for your review. We have read it and have used both your pro and cons arguments to try to make our website even better. Especially your cons. We have since you wrote your review added a new theme to make it more gamelike. We have also given the teacher the possibility to have his students creating excercises in the game. We have also added a new content-type called "Millionaire".

We know that it takes some time to create a good didactic learning game and that's why we have enabled copy and reuse a learning game. The teacher can reuse any game shared on our marketplace, edit any resource in the game or add more resources. Hope you can have another look at theese features and let us know what you think of them.