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Relationship intelligence platform built to expand and evolve the traditional CRM.


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May 02, 2018
2 / 5
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Pros: I like the idea of the software. Putting all of the information in just one time and having the software fill in the forms is wonderful. It did help on many of the forms, keeping me from typing the same things over and over. There are 3 ways to purchase this software--most expensive being one where they do it all, the next one where you fill in the information and have them check it. The third is where you do it all yourself. I purchased the third option. I let the company know about the cons listed below. They were very thankful for my feedback. Some of the errors had been found but the programmers had not done the updates yet. The states that were left out were because I missed the "help" instructions

Cons: It was difficult to find all of the places I needed to enter information, but the biggest problem was there were too many errors. I had to go through each form carefully to catch all of the mistakes. None of the mistakes were major--things like not listing all of the states we were registered in, using wrong titles, etc. Of the 9 states I processed today, 4 of them were online only. Single Portal had a cut and paste listing on those states, but the states changed some of the forms and Single Portal had not updated. On one state I just about answered a question about being convicted incorrectly because the question was different. So what is the purpose of paying each for those states? One state only requires we send in a CD. The other 4 required complete scrutiny by me because of mistakes or Single Portal not telling me about a separate sheet they required. The state listing that many states require key off of the states that are registered with Single Portal and have to have an ID# or the word "registered" in the ID slot to be counted. That means if you are exempt in a state, you either have to pay for that state or correct each form that lists the states. .

Overall: I let the company know about the cons I listed. They were very thankful for my feedback. Some of the errors had been found but the programmers had not done the updates yet. They did refund some of my money and encouraged me to stay with them. Since I have already paid for the 20 states that we are registered in, I will continue until those are done. My renewal is due in February. I will see if they have improved by then to determine next year's renewal.

Recommendations to other buyers: If you need someone to do the process for you, having them do the work will probably be okay because they should catch any errors. However, at this point I am not sure I will use them again for the independent cost. I can probably do the process faster on my own then relying on their software and then having to check things so closely. If I do use them again, I will only pay for the states that have to have a paper form. I will do the online and KY by myself.