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AirPR provides PR Measurement metrics that go beyond traditional and often outdated media monitoring.


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Powerful idea but ultra-premium pricing

Apr 09, 2018

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Pros: It purports to solve for a long-standing pain-point for marketing and comms teams. Specifically, a way to more accurately attribute how PR contributes to the types of metrics most marketing teams of business spend money to achieve. For instance, if I secure a write-up in the NYT for my product, how could I show my boss that 20 additional people visited our e-commerce site for purchase as a result? For certain types of communication or PR professionals, that's an irresistible idea. Many others aren't being asked to contribute in this way but those who are could consider this software.

Cons: Two main points. 1) They ask for really high fees (many thousands / month) 2) Even so, their bread as butter is narrow in scope so you have to be operating at significant scale in order to be able to generate ROI after considering the cost of the optimization / measurement software itself. I've also heard murmurs suggesting that while a reasonable estimate how many "x" you drove from a PR campaign is better than nothing, never forget that it is still an estimate. AirPR is not magic, it's math. Always make sure you understand the methods behind the wizardry.

Overall: The ability to attempt highly sophisticated PR measurement analysis