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Chrome extension for email tracking, scheduling, and auto follow-up to increase sales.


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MailTag is a very useful Software when it comes to Email Tracking. It works seamlessly in my case.

Apr 11, 2018
5 / 5
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Pros: MailTag has a FREE Feature, that feature alone is a BONUS point for me.
If you're asking yourself if this Software is right for you, MailTag got you covered, you can always try their Free Service and if it's not right for you, well you don't really need a cancellation plan because it's already FREE.

Testing their Free Service works out really well. For instance, if you're a Marketer or a Salesperson or any kind of Job that needs to send Emails to your Prospects or Customers, the moment you send your Email can worry you! Because you don't know if your Prospects or Customers open your Email.

MailTag has these powerful features that will solve your problem at FREE Plan:
1. Unlimited Email Tracking - Awesome feature. Never worry about if your Prospects or Customers open your Email.
2. Real-time desktop push notifications - Whenever your Prospects or Customers opens your Email, MailTag will send you in a Real-time notification. Nice relief!
3. Link-click Tracking - CTR is very important to measure because when your Emails has certain CTAs chances are they are converting. MailTag can track these important details.
4. 3 Ping Sequences for the Free Service - Your Prospects or Customers did not Open your Email? You can always schedule a Follow-Up Sequence with MailTag, in that way Business Relationship is always Fresh!
5. Paid Plan is very affordable!
6. And Many more Awesome Features for Email Tracking.

Cons: The Cons for MailTag is you cannot review the Emails that you've Sent and the Open Rates for the previous month. But MailTag covers these metrics on their affordable Paid Plans.