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Open-source editor for writing and editing scripts, web pages, and programming code.

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Bluefish Text Editor: Not Just for Programmers, It Helps Me Write Better

Aug 17, 2018

4 / 5
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Pros: I've used a lot of text editors and website builders. Bluefish compares favorably with those I consider the best. Although it touts itself as being "for experienced web designers and programmers," your experience level doesn't matter that much. What matters is how you plan to use it.

I'm not a programmer, CSS expert or a design geek. I'm more of a writer and web technology consultant so my use of Bluefish is as an extension to my article writing tools and to do super simple edits to style sheets and web pages.

What I like most about Bluefish as a text editor is it gives me the option of opening several text documents all at once in different tabs. I can also take those multiple files and group them together in a "project." That becomes a big deal when I need to work on these same files again in the future -- I can just select that project and Bluefish will open all the files at the same time in their own tab.

Even though I use the web design features less than the pure text editing features, I'm glad Bluefish provides an entire menu of options that make web design life easier. For example, I've used features from the lists, tables, forms, and CSS dialogs.

Cons: On occasion, Bluefish chokes when I have too many text files open (think in excess of 10), which is kind of understandable. And it can choke if the file has in excess of 50k lines.

The developers ought to pay attention to these issues because many programs have tens of thousands of lines of code and a project is likely to have more than 10 files open at one time. (That's the beauty of having tabs, afterall.)

Overall: One very important reason I use a text editor is to help me write. Although it has tons of features for a text editor, the buttons, menus and dialogs stay out of the way and provide a distraction-free place to put down the words. Bluefish remains one of my favorite go-to editors (and has been since I discovered it 10+ years ago). In fact, I wrote this review using it! I use it on both Windows and Linux platforms and it works about the same on both.