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A lot of today's electronic files like books, reports, business documents, and even your monthly bills are pdf files, users can benefit greatly from using pdfLei.

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A lot of today's electronic files like books, reports, business documents, and even your monthly bills are pdf files, with pdfLei's help you will find how easy it is to manage them. It offers an efficient way to view and manage hundreds or thousands of pdf files, all in one place.

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Founded in 2014

Located in United States

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pdfLei pricing starts at $12.00 per year, per user.There is not a free version of pdfLei.pdfLei does offer a free trial.See additional pricing details for pdfLei below.

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  • $12.00/year/user
  • billed yearly


  • Installed - Mac
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Installed - Windows
  • Mobile - iOS Native
  • Mobile - Android Native


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Convert to PDF
Digital Signature
Merge / Append
PDF Reader

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Source: Capterra
November 9, 2019

“One of the cleanest pdf editors I have used!”

OverallIt is a clean-cut software with very easy usability! The way you can navigate through multiple pdf's is very easy (similar to having multiple tabs open on a browser), and the options you have to edit (the strike-through option, highlighting, and leaving notes that can be collapsed and only seen if you specifically click on it) all are handy for editing articles/documents and leaving notes for articles that might be passed along for peer-review.
ProsThis software really strikes through as "smart", in the sense that the software interprets your actions into cleaner lines, highlights, and strikethroughs. The marking and editing options are all great for reviewing articles, leaving notes, and overall pdf editing. My favorite part is the fact that you can edit the text (high light, strikethrough, etc) with the look of it being formatted as a part of the pdf, as opposed to other software that will usually treat pdf edits like marks made on Microsoft Paint (a literal marking made exactly by the mouse, which tends to have a sloppy look and would never be taken seriously if you tried to send a marked up document to a professor).
ConsThe software was made with more of "multiple small .pdf's" in mind, rather than "few large pdf's" in mind, with a lot of accessibility given for switching between different documents rather than being able to just focus on one large document, which takes a lot of power and can be a little more difficult to mavigate (scrolling fast, finding certain pages that often get "lost", etc)
Reviewer Source 
Source: Capterra
November 9, 2019