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Ideal for enterprises to manage identities while enabling secure single-sign-on (SSO) access to all the web-based applications.

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About CloudEntr

Manage access to all your web-based application, on any device, by authenticating just once with a unique log-in credential.

CloudEntr Features

  • Biometric
  • Credential Management
  • Identity Federation
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Password Management
  • Policy Management
  • Social Sign On
  • User Management

CloudEntr Reviews

Excellent for developers.

Dec 15, 2014

Comments: I am a Salesforce developer so i need to deal with several Salesforce orgs, usernames, password and security tokens. As usual you never find the correct credentials when you are in a hurry, so a friend of mine, who it is also a developer, recommended me to give a change to CloudEntr, he promised it will simplify my development work by allowing me to switch between orgs by just clicking a link and... it did it!, CloudEntr definitely did the work and more. After a few days of trying the trial period I asked my boss to pay for it and let other people in the company use it and forget about remembering usernames and paswords. We have been using it for 4 months and we love it. We use it not only for business, we use it to help us manage every kind of login.

Pros: Ability set up almost any credentials by selecting them from a list and a step by step wizard. Ability to export credentials User firendly Mobile app

Cons: It is not a con persé but it is a nice-to-have: the ability to set the Salesforce security token as part of the App instead of a separate secure note.

If you're reading this, you've made a mistake...

Dec 05, 2014

Comments: ... in that you aren't already using CloudEntr. Using Saas applications (a.k.a. cloud applications - like Google Docs or Dropbox or Nimble) without CloudEntr is kind of like driving a car without insurance - you could be fine or you could get yourself into major trouble. I first found out about SSO solutions (stands for single sign-on, learn the lingo) for my own personal passwords. It's convenient. I can't remember the names of people I've just met so there's no way I'm going to remember my passwords. The best use of this is being able to have contract or freelance people get access to the necessary software without giving them the actual password. And it makes it easy to lock out former employees.

Pros: - Secure, but also a user-friendly way to store logins and provide access to others without giving away your passwords. - They keep adding new features, like secure file sharing

Cons: - It interacts kind of funny with Google applications. It works, but makes me sign out of my personal account first.

Password managment made easy

Dec 22, 2014

Comments: As the primary support for IT in a small business (1-5 employees), protecting our online applications always proved challenging. CloudEntr has allowed us to protect online assets by creating and storing strong password as well as manage who has access to what passwords. We've been using the system for just under a year, and it really has helped my boss sleep well at night knowing that we're using more secure passwords.

Pros: The fact that it is accessible online and you can share between vaults is pretty nice. You can grant and revoke access easily, and really be specific with how much information is shared. The customer support is also wonderful.

Cons: * It's challenging to force all users to use it (due to browsers allowing you to save password in them, which is also a security risk). But you'll have that issue with any password manager. * The browser plugin must be installed to view passwords.

Reliable, Easy to Use Password Management, and More!

Dec 12, 2014

Comments: Being responsible for an eCommerce website, a few blogs, and all the social media and cloud based applications that come with the territory I needed a solid password management system. After some research I decided to go with CouldEntr, and I couldn't be happier. The service is reliable, and has plenty of useful extra features like login automation, and "secure notes" which allow you to securely store other information.

Pros: -Reliable -Easy to use -Great user interface -Well integrated mobile app -Easy to configure login automation -Save sensitive information with secure notes

Cons: Network connectivity has the potential to be the Achilles heel for any cloud based application, but let's face it - if my network goes down, I wouldn't be able to access any of the services that I use CloudEntr to access anyways.

So far I've found almost every feature useful

Dec 14, 2014

Comments: As an internet based companies logins are crazy, especially the changes and rules every 3 months here, 6 months here, people change logins and forget to share information. I've been using cloudentr for approximately 6 months so far to control our main assets and logins for our companies and LOVE the administration features, especially when new people come on and others leave the quick controls are stellar. Changing the password in one field changes for everyone (if selected) Interface is easy to use and so far I've found almost every feature useful, the quick logins to custom applications saves me so much time, to just be in the system I want, and I love having access on Mobile as well. 183 applications using and adding daily :)

Pros: Easy Interface Quick implementation Security Administration control

Cons: Applications with three fields can be a bit tricky.

Easy password management

Dec 04, 2014

Comments: I was hesitant to use CloudEntr when our company first started supplying it, just because I had gotten used to typing in my passwords at every site. Once I started using it though, I found it to be pretty great. The timesaving aspect is helpful (though sometimes it's nice to kill a few minutes looking for PWs), but what I like about it is that I don't have to deal with the hassle of resetting forgotten passwords and all that.

Pros: Easy to use, works well, efficient

Cons: From my perspective as an end user, it's pretty optimized.

Must have business tool

Mar 09, 2015

Comments: We're an IT Managed Service Provider and recently signed up for ClourEntr a month ago. We have nothing but great things to say about the product and support team. We've already entered dozens of business app logins and delegated sharing accordingly. If we had any issues at all, support was quick to respond and resolve. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Pros: Ease of use; Chrome extension; Large library of applications; Great support

Cons: We have no cons or complaints at this time

Excellent Tool

Dec 08, 2014

Comments: I've used CloudEntr for a long time in a corporate position, as a consultant and as an advocate to my clients and colleagues. The tool has been extremely useful, especially when trying to access third party systems from a mobile device. Often times, I have needed to share access to contractors and CloudEntr was the perfect match.

Pros: Mobile Secure Customer Support Access Interchange with other people

Cons: The one time I forgot my password to the system.

Simple, easy SSO Solution

Dec 05, 2014

Comments: In light of increasing news about data hacks and security breaches, I feel safer using CloudEntr's password solution. It is easy to get used to compared to some other SaaS applications I've used, and makes my day-to-day tasks more efficient.

Pros: Integrates well into other applications, efficient

Cons: No real cons - it works well in our operations.

Great Solution

Dec 15, 2014

Comments: My company needed a solution that would allow us to share confidential files while still maintaining a secure method to maintain those shared files. CloudEntr fit the bill perfectly.

Pros: - Allows wide reaching access via the web. - Provides a high level of encryption

Cons: None that I could find

easy to use for my entire staff

Dec 15, 2014

Comments: CloudEntr was easy to deploy for my staff, and makes it easy to manage taking someone off.

Pros: ease of use easy to reach someone if help is needed