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push applications on cellphones or only laptops?

Feb 14, 2019

4 / 5
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3 / 5
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Pros: the notifications are definitely there on PC usage, in fact even more than google, FB, or Insta, i went to their website on purpose to see who they use their own software and cloud for marketing and on pc it is good

Cons: On cell phone usage I have yet to receive a push app notification. you sell AI yet your AI is not working correctly even in your own marketing, which makes me wonder without purchasing your SocialPush are you really doing push notifications driven by AI with a click of a button that I have clicked numerous times on YOUR very own website and have received nothing of the sorts......... are you just selling the dream without the programming and software behind it yet? Most people do not even use their PC anymore for things such as advertising and marketing information in e-commerce, insurance, real estate, most use their phone and only use their PC for work so what are you really selling if i receive push notifications on my PC when i agree to click of the button....... but i have accepted it numerous times on my samsung OS and receive none.... with the knowledge most consumers use their phones versus PC, i would not say it worth their money unless they figure out the push notifications on phone operating systems and hardly would call it AI

Overall: average.