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Government, professional services, hotel properties and management groups, schools and universities

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Martello delivers confidence in network performance. Our solutions manage and optimize the performance of real-time services on cloud and enterprise networks and include network performance management software and SD-WAN technology. Over the top (OTT) service providers and enterprises around the world rely on Martello's technology to deliver better service quality and a reliable user experience.

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Martello Technologies

Founded in 2009

Located in Canada

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Enterprise Network Solutions Features

Bandwidth Monitoring
Baseline Manager
IP Address Monitoring
Internet Usage Monitoring
Network Diagnosis
Network Resource Management
SLA Monitoring
Server Monitoring
Uptime Monitoring
Web Traffic Reporting
Baseline Manager
Diagnostic Tools
Full Transaction Diagnostics
Performance Control
Resource Management
Root-Cause Diagnosis
Server Performance
Trace individual transactions
Automatic Configuration
Content Caching
Content Routing
Data Compression
Health Monitoring
Predefined Protocols
Redundancy Checking
Reverse Proxy
SSL Offload
Alerts / Escalation
Bandwidth Troubleshooting
Change Management
Configuration Management
Connectivity Management
Data Visualization
Historical Audit
Mobile Network Troubleshooting
Network Analysis
Network Monitoring