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Hospitals, physician groups, and ACOs.

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Agency Level Reporting: Consistent real-time view of performance data across home health agencies that choose to share data with their referral sources & other clinical partners in a convenient, transparent and secure manner. Patient-level reporting: Consistent real-time view of reports & performance across all hospital/ACO patients from the agencies in the network, with agencies' permission to inform clinical and operational decisions. Coordinated Care Analytics from Industry Leader SHP

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CareStat Features

Accounting Integration
Appointment Scheduling
Bed Management
Claims Management
In-Patient Management
Inventory Management
Medical Billing
Out-Patient Management
Patient Records Management
Physician Management
Policy Management
Activity Tracking
Assessment Notes
Billing & Invoicing
Calendar Management
Candidate Identification
Case List Management
Eligibility Verification
HIPAA Compliant
Medical History Records
Patient Records
Referral Management
Treatment Planning
Admissions Management
Bed Management
Discharge Management
Historical Reporting
Patient Flow Management
Patient Location Tracking
Patient Monitoring
Real Time Reporting
Waiting Time Tracking

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