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fe.screen-sim can be used in its entirety for applications in any industry. Currently the software is used in plant and mechanical engineering, logistics, material handling, automation and robotics.

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Conventional commissioning of plants and machines requires a considerable amount of time and money. A shortening of the commissioning phase is needed. There is an increasing complexity and an increasing variety of machines and systems. These factors also make it difficult to calculate conventional commissioning. fe.screen-sim enables testing of the sensor systems, throughput times and PLC software quickly and easily in every project phase and not only after the design has been completed.

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Founded in 1982

Located in Germany

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fe.screen-sim Features

3D Modeling
Agent-Based Modeling
Continuous Modeling
Design Analysis
Direct Manipulation
Discrete Event Modeling
Dynamic Modeling
Graphical Modeling
Industry Specific Database
Monte Carlo Simulation
Motion Modeling
Presentation Tools
Stochastic Modeling
Turbulence Modeling