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CustomerLabs Marketing Insights solves one of the major pain points of SMB marketers: How are visitors interacting with my messages across channels. With multi channel attribution reports get to know where your users come from, how they interact with your brand, which campaigns are of interest to them and much more. Get a completely customized attribution report that solves all your customer data questions and gives the actionable insights you need.

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Founded in 2016

Located in United States

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Marketing Insights Features

Attribution Modeling
Audience Segmentation
Conversion Tracking
Cross-Channel Attribution
Customer Journey Mapping
Multi-Touch Attribution
Predictive Analytics
ROI Tracking
A/B Testing
Campaign Tracking
Channel Attribution
Customer Journey Mapping
Performance Metrics
Predictive Analytics
ROI Tracking
Social Media Metrics
Website Analytics
Campaign Management
Conversion Tracking
Goal Tracking
Keyword Tracking
Multiple Site Management
Pageview Tracking
Referral Source Tracking
Site Search Tracking
Time on Site Tracking
User Interaction Tracking