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Sweagle isn't limited by industry but it does work best with complex enterprises such as banking, insurance and telecommunications.

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Config data is one of your biggest problems. Right? It is often squirrelled away and hidden in different places. It is owned by a ton of people and it is painful to track. Its impossible to audit and see how it is impacting your practices. And that's a problem. Config data often holds vulnerabilities like secrets, passwords and access keys. Who knows who has access to it and how often it is being changed? Sweagle fixes that so DevOps don't have to. Control the config data chaos with Sweagle.

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Founded in 2017

Located in United States

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  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
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Sweagle Features

Access Controls/Permissions
Code Refactoring
Collaboration Tools
Compatibility Testing
Data Modeling
Deployment Management
Mobile Development
Software Development
Source Control
Web App Development
Administrator Level Control
Defect Tracking
Iteration Planning
Project Management
Release Management
Requirements Review
Task Management
Test Case Tracking
User Level Management
Version Control
Build Log
Change Management
Configuration Management
Continuous Delivery
Continuous Deployment
Permission Management
Quality Assurance Management
Testing Management
Approval Workflow
Policy Management
Portfolio Management
Release Management
Timeline Management
Troubleshooting Reports