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Growers, farm management companies, payroll services, farm labor contractors, produce shippers and brokers.

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For over 35 years, Datatech saves clients time while helping them grow their business. You'll get cost accounting, by income and profitability by field, ranch, crop and variety; growers of labor intensive crops get a robust Ag piecework payroll system; and vertically integrated operations that combine farming, packing/shipping and marketing love The Farmer's Office. Add the Human Resource Management module and improve your Ag-oriented HR functions, such as ACA health insurance reporting.

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Founded in 1980

Located in United States

Sales and traceability.
The best for Ag payroll!

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Built-in Accounting
Contract Management
Crop Management
Inventory Management
Labor Management
Livestock Management
Order Processing
Pricing Management
Supplier Management
Weather Records

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