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Minimize unnecessary overtime and react to staffing, payroll and HR issues before they can drain your resources.


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Not flexible or responsive enou

Aug 05, 2016
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Pros: It gathers a lot of information.

Cons: It crashes a lot requiring you to constantly reset the system.
It is not intuitive.
It is not communicative.
The information is not linked to each other.
The system is slow.
The system updates for as long as 4 hours at midnight which is the busy time for security.
Customer service have workarounds and there are a few more I have figured out but the company does not make major improvements just minor tweaks.
The system is sometimes 24 hours late reporting a late employee. Probably has something to do with Arizona does not use Daylight savings time.

Overall: The system is not flexible or reponsive enough to work at organizations with more than 100 excellent employees or 20 undependable employees. It would best be described as looking for Waldo in a stadium full of people through a coffee stir stick. It holds a lot of information on hundreds of pages but very little is linked and you can only have one screen up. Example: Employee is lost and does not know where they are going. They do not know their Division as that is a notational system so they do not know it. The system will not let you search via employee number through multiple divisions. They know their name though so you bring up the employee roster which takes 10-60 seconds type in their name and wait 10-20 seconds then find the correct name among dozens of similar names. This is if you have heard and typed their name correctly, the system does not have a similarity search like modern search engines in google, so if they say their name is Dayvid and you type in David they will not show up. Finally you get their name right and see where they are supposed to be. Now you need the post information which isn't on the screen. So you delete the specific employee screen (remember you cannot have more than one working screen up at a time), the general employee screen, you bring up the correct weekly screen then look for the post they are supposed to be at as there is no bar search function. You finally find it and you bring up the note screen which tells you where it is actually at you type it into Google maps as well as the employees location and viola you guide them into their post. If everything goes well from beginning to end it takes 5-10 minutes. Nothing ever goes well so it can take as long as 30 minutes to help one employee. My company had about 5-10 post changes per hour and dispatch was running themselves into exhaustion. Which is why at 4 months I was the most senior employee doing it. Another problem is the security settings. If you have a supervisor that is a micro manager the system can be setup to allow the users to do only the most rote actions. Like scheduling. If you have a new site for example and dispatch a patrol driver to it you are declined because they are already working. If you need to schedule approved OT you are declined because it is OT. To further complicate matters the system does not have a popup that tells you why it is declined and you can spend 30 minutes trying to figure out why they are declined or kick them upstairs.

Recommendations to other buyers: Do not use it for security or with a company that has over 10 undependable employees.