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Xyleme, Inc. is the industry's leading provider of open and standards-based learning content management solutions that enable single-source publishing of training content. Xyleme is 100% XML-based to create massive efficiencies through modularity and reuse. With Xyleme, training organizations improve collaboration in content development, reduce time-to-market for customized training products, and minimize the cost of supporting a blended learning strategy for print, online and mobile delivery.


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  • Academic/Education
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Built-in Course Authoring
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  • Corporate/Business
  • eCommerce
  • Learner Portal
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Xyleme LCMS Reviews Recently Reviewed!

Far too many bugs and problems to be useful

Aug 02, 2018
1 / 5
Ease of Use
2 / 5
Features & Functionality
Likelihood to Recommend: 1.0/10 Not

Pros: The concept behind Xyleme is good. The idea of creating re-usable learning objects can, in theory, save you a lot of time in developing content.

Cons: Xyleme is riddled with bugs to the point that you waste much more time than you might save with any content re-use. The interface is also not at all user-friendly. Even simple tasks, like editing a bulleted list causes confusion. Creating a bullets is not complicated, but with Xyleme it actually is.

You can often spend hours trying to get an image overlay to look right, only for it come out misaligned once you publish. There are many features that are broken and some that can even corrupt your content. (For example, do NOT resize an image with the buttons and be VERY careful with the undo button)

The features are also very limited. For example, the overlay editor allows you to annotate images, but only gives options of very basic shapes: rectangles, circles, and text. I'm pretty sure my old Macintosh from the 90's could do more than that.

The quality of the interface seems like Xyleme is only aiming for mediocrity. Many features seem half baked, as if the developers made a bare-minimum effort to meet a user requirement without trying to make it function smoothly or usefully. For example, the spellcheck feature doesn't let you suggest a word, so if the word you want is not in Xyleme's dictionary, there's nothing you can do. Another example: you can align objects in the overlay editor to the left, or top, but not to the right or center. Both of these seem like the developers only did the bare minimum so that they could say that the feature exists.

Overall: My overall experience with Xyleme is frustration. How can software with this many problems and bugs even be published? I think a coworker of mine said it best: "I'm not sure why we are paying for the privilege of being Xyleme's QA department."