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About ORDERS Plus

Affordable Sales, Inventory Control and Accounting software for Distribution, Manufacturing and Service organizations.


ORDERS Plus Reviews

Good Software - Lousy Customer Support

Feb 14, 2017
4 / 5
Ease of Use
4 / 5
Features & Functionality
1 / 5
Customer Support
2 / 5
Value for Money

Pros: From a strictly software perspective the product is well written and provides many excellent features.

Cons: As a customer who pays a large sum of money for software being treated like a child and talked down to by support is unacceptable. Support at the company is not interested in helping or any questions. It's a one way transaction. There is no other help available except via e-mail & phone and it is based on their time not the customers.

Overall: First off their web pages contradict themselves. In one place they tell you that you must run the software using a Windows Hyper V installation. Yet in another location they state that the software can be run on a Windows Server if all Admin functions are performed on a 32 Bit Admin workstation. When I tried to ask which version of server needed to be installed in the Hyper-V (32 or 64), I could not even get my question out. The customer has two people using the product, complicating his server install by requiring a Virtual machine made no sense to me or the customer. Support is easily agitated and became verbally abusive, using several curse words with me and my customer. Then sent a follow up e-mail threatening to cancel the customer's support contract and made disparaging remarks concerning my business to the customer. This customer has been using this product for many years, and in all that time nothing has changed. Support constantly abuses customers treats them with a very condescending attitude. You are able to question them on anything, they appear to think that they are the only ones who know anything about IT.


Vendor Response

by Business Systems of America on March 22, 2017

END USER (EU) for 20 years. Mr. Anderson's first contact on 02/01/17. 12/16/16-EU contacts us to discuss server upgrade/migration. Referred to system requirements. We attempt to setup appointment to further discuss. They declined. 01/30/17-EU contacts us saying new server installed and are having problems. Declined future appointment. 02/01/17-Mr. Anderson contacts us requesting help with migration of our software to new server. Referred to published information & try to setup appointment, he declined. 02/08/17-EU contacts us, Appointment setup. 02/13/17 - Determine New Server not compliant, no further assistance available. Mr. Anderson makes physical threats. Things escalate, EU informed and session terminated. Mr. Anderson's comments don't reflect ALL facts as his decisions impacted the EU's mission critical business operations. We have spoken twice to the EU. Our information is correct, yet each site can be unique and why we get involved early on, not after the fact.

Exercise Extreme Caution

Apr 01, 2016
4 / 5
Ease of Use
1 / 5
Customer Support

Comments: Overall OrdersPlus is not difficult to use. All the required communications modules and integration are present (such as email to Outlook). However they are so obviously antiquated and the GUI hasn't been updated since the turn of the century. Printing and order processing is very logical and segmented. For those used to near instant (e.g. Google) search results you will feel-the-pain.
End users many NOT run 64-bit version of operating system which significantly restricts operations (or forces you to use 32-bit virtual machines). Administration routines are partially automated and if not run regularly the software will stop functioning within a week. Installation and operation on a 21st century hardware and operating system is not required. OrdersPlus is not optimized for multi-core operations and will not make full use of the resources you provide it.
You may not install the software yourself. The database server is 64-bit but a second 32-bit virtual machine must be installed for management (additional license cost not included.) Much of your technical support time (required as part of purchase) will be consumed listening to customer service talk on-and-on about how you should have (and will be required to before the next service call) further optimize your server.
Additionally customer support is easily agitated and if you give any push back will become down right abusive. But hey.. where are you going to go. They are the only one that can help you as there is no documentation or self help guides (not little, none!) available online.
For these reasons I HIGHLY suggest using their cloud product. (Or don't use OrdersPlus at all.)