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Machine any part, on any CNC machine, for any industry. Program any 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-axis mill with ESPRIT.


ESPRIT Features

  • 2 1/2-Axis Milling
  • 3-Axis Milling
  • 4-Axis Milling
  • 5-Axis Milling
  • Database Connectivity
  • Hole Making
  • Simulate Cycles
  • Spiral Output
  • Toolpath Simulation
  • User Defined Cycles

ESPRIT Reviews Recently Reviewed!

Tons of features, Great customer service and support!

Nov 14, 2017
3 / 5
Ease of Use
5 / 5
Features & Functionality
5 / 5
Customer Support
4 / 5
Value for Money
Likelihood to Recommend: 8.0/10 Not

Pros: You can program just about anything with the right licenses and plugins. Tons of features, and the customer service and support is great!!!. They have excellent response time, and I have never had an issue they could get me past.

Cons: It can be rather complex, especially doing some 5 axis stuff. Tons of features, equals tons of buttons. Can be overwhelming for the beginner, but the help files and support are great.

Overall: Programming of complex parts for our CNC multiple axis machines.

Spent over 7 months with ESPRIT CAM not making a successful part. Unproven post for the MULTUS.

Jun 28, 2016
5 / 5
Ease of Use
3 / 5
Features & Functionality
1 / 5
Customer Support
1 / 5
Value for Money

Pros: The software is good in the office at the desk.
Looks good.
Good options, but nothing super special like they hype it up to be.

Cons: Do not send ESPRIT nc code to the OKUMA MULTUS:
We stopped the turret from quickly moving backwards into the sub spindle because ESPRIT had a default number as a starting point that was outside the number range of our Z travel. The turret was trying to backup over 120 inches in a cabinet that has less than 50 inches.
Lathe direction spinning the wrong way per lathe tool need.
Our favorite, watching the ESPRIT simulator run just fine in the office on the desktop and then sending it to the MULTUS only to watch a completely different outcome, (like moving from a action movie to a horror movie).
Pulling out tons of lines of what we called (junk code) that ESPRIT puts in, spend 30 to 45mins pulling code out, that if left in throws errors.
It wants to start working on the sub spindle when the raw stock is on the main spindle, yet in ESPRIT simulator it ran fine on the main spindle, (and in the software we verified that we selected main spindle).
Being told that it is INDUSTRY STANDARD to spend 6 to 12 months aligning a post to a cnc machine, (Now that we switched to ESPRIT's competitor and in 72 hours had successful parts coming out of our machine that we could sell, that line is really funny) until I remember the costs, almost $50,000 shot out the window. Not to mention the damage with our clients and huge down time that ESPRIT is not concerned with.

Overall: CMS purchased a new 2015 OKUMA MULTUS B300 and CMS also purchased Esprit CAM software and (5) days on site training from DP Technology in July 2015. To date CMS has been unable to utilize the software as promised and advertised by DP. With DP¿s software producing faulty and unusable NC code, CMS has made numerous requests to correct the problem. Quickly we realized that DP / ESPRIT software was not a proven post and CMS refused to pay for more training until they fixed their post. DP / ESPRIT mantra is to constantly get the user to pay for more training ($7,300 a pop) so they can show up and fix a bad post. DP sent a technician on February 25th 2016 to only confirm that the software was creating NC code improperly with CMS¿s machine and making no solution available to the customer/CMS. Customer service offered by DP is shocking and very disappointing after the amount of money spent. ESPRIT constantly says its a training issue when we (CMS) have proved countless times its a bad post issue. We went to the expense of creating our own server to send video's and code for their tech's.
If you call in every day with issues that need fixing as we did. We noticed that the problems that were fixed Monday and Tuesday came back when the Thursday and Friday fixes where complete. What does this mean? It means that you are not getting your post updated, what they are doing is always grabbing a basic post and making changes to it and not fixing yours and then handing your original post back to you. Your constantly getting a new post without the previous fixes that you submitted that you have already suffered through.

So over 9 months of this CMS went to ESPRIT's main COMPETITOR, and purchased their CAM software with the same training and we purchased all the bells and whistles like before.
In 72 HOURS CMS was making sell-able parts.
Now remember CMS personal was constantly told by ESPRIT that we don't know what we are doing or talking about and that we need more training.
Yet 72 HOURS later with the competition's CAM software CMS was making successful tool paths and successful parts.
No more broken tools.
No more over cuts from what we called (wild nc code) crazy maneuvers that did not show in the simulator in the office but showed on the MULTUS simulator.
No more scanning thousands of lines of nc code ensuring that what is being sent to the MULTUS is not going to crash us.
No more running the MULTUS at 2% not trusting what is going to happen next.

Recommendations to other buyers: This is to give an honest review and to express what happen to us. I did not list who the competitor was. But if anyone would like to know please reach out to me and I will gladly let you know. What I will say about the competitor is that their approach to the issues is from a completely different perspective. We were unable to satisfy a couple of customers and that has hurt us immensely, not only in cost but on how we want to treat our customers. This made us pull way back and start over. What was the ESPRIT response? (Sorry to hear that it did not work out, but you see ESPRIT has a large market share so good bye.) I do not treat my customers this way, but that is how they think as an organization. I can honestly say this because I have called the main headquarters in California only to have nothing get resolved.