Presentation Software FAQs

  • What is presentation software?

    Presentation software helps professionals from all industries create and conduct presentations. Presentation software includes templates and often audio or video compatibility to help users create a sequence of slides that include visuals and graphics.

  • How can presentation software help my business?

    Presentation software helps professionals create and conduct effective presentations. The various features provided by presentation software allow users to express themselves in creative and concise ways, helping them summarize their presentation material with ease.

  • How much does presentation software cost?

    Some presentation software vendors don’t disclose pricing information upfront, while other vendors offer free versions of their product. Subscription-based presentation software typically falls in the range of $5 to $59 per month. Pricing depends on how many employees will use the software and what features are included.

  • What are some common presentation software features?

    Some common presentation software features include templates, video, audio, animation, editing, presenting and content library. Visit Capterra’s presentation software directory to filter software by their features.

  • What are some popular presentation software products?

    Some of the top rated presentation software products include Glisser, Niftio, Beamium, myShowcase, and INPRES. Visit our full presentation software directory to sort presentation software by sponsored, highest rated, most reviews, most visits, and most requests.

  • Should I demo presentation software before making purchasing decisions?

    Yes. Most people demo two or three options after completing their initial presentation software research. Taking advantage of free demos, webinars and trials is a great way to gain insight into which features and functionality best fit your company’s needs.

  • Are there free presentation software options?

    Yes. According to our research, the best free presentation software for startups include: Prezi, SlideDog, and Google Slides.

  • Are there any open source options for presentation software?

    Besides the many free alternatives to presentation software, there are also some open source options for presentation software. This list includes: Prezi, SlideDog, Google Slides, WPS Office Free, LibreOffice, iCloud Keynote, Powtoon, FlowVella, Glisser, Microsoft Powerpoint, ConnectWise Control, Canva, CrankWheel, ClearSlide, Niftio, Slidebean, Knovio Pro, RealtimeBoard, PeekTime, Zoho Show, and Creativity 365.

  • What are the advantages of using presentation software?

    There are many advantages of using presentation software including organizing and showing media to supplement data and engage visual learners, promoting interaction with the audience, and saving lessons and information for future use. Presentation software also helps the presenter organize their content.

  • What are the alternatives to presentation software?

    Besides PowerPoint, there are multiple other alternatives to presentation software, including: Google Slides, Keynote, LibreOffice Impress, Prezi Basic, SlideDog, Slides, and WPS Office Presentation.

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