Four Steps to Determining the Effectiveness of Online Ad Campaigns

Capterra, the online marketplace for enterprise software, offers guidelines for improving lead tracking for online ad campaigns

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Cristina Stensvaag, Capterra Inc.
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Arlington, VA — Do you know how well your online advertising campaigns generate leads and sales for your company? Many businesses that advertise online rely on outdated practices when tracking the source of their leads or, worse, do no tracking at all. By not using all of the available tools to monitor your web visitors and leads, your business could be spending valuable marketing dollars on the wrong channels.

Capterra, the online marketplace for enterprise software, offers the following four tips for improving lead tracking from online ad campaigns.

1. Collect email addresses from your web visitors by enticing them to enter their contact information on your site. The offer of a reward such as a free trial will help to accomplish this. Make sure to use direct calls to action and short web forms.

2. Use tagged URLs and cookies in addition to web analytic tools. These elements will identify the referring website and will save referral information as the visitor navigates throughout your website.

3. Consider customized phone numbers and email addresses. A few easy modifications can allow you to pinpoint the referring ad campaign, even if a visitor does not fill out your web form.

4. Cultivate your leads. Not every inquiry you receive is ready to make an immediate purchase. Be sure to maintain contact with these prospects and provide them with the necessary information to convert them to qualified leads.

Following these four lead tracking guidelines will help you to make better choices about which campaigns you should expand and which you should eliminate.

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