Finding the Right Enterprise Software Among Countless Choices

Capterra's comprehensive software directories allow IT buyers to identify all of their software alternatives and quickly contact vendors

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Arlington, VA — The size and diversity of the enterprise software industry creates tremendous confusion among buyers as they determine not only which solutions to consider, but also how many. Savvy IT decision makers recognize that the industry changes constantly and want to be certain that they consider all available software options. But they do not want to spend too much time or too many resources doing so.

How, then, can software buyers find the ideal solution for their specific needs?

Enter Capterra's comprehensive software directories. Capterra provides a free website that includes a range of tools and resources to guide organizations through the software purchasing process. Over 170 industry- and functional-based software directories assist in matching software vendors and buyers, thus reducing software search costs - the time, effort and money spent learning what solutions are available.

"Searching for the right software solution needlessly costs businesses time, effort and money, if they don't know where to look," says Michael Ortner, President of Capterra. "So many of the information requests that we receive start with buyers telling us that the software they currently use doesn't do what they need. Capterra's goal is to help buyers find the right software among all of the choices."

To make the research process as simple as possible, Capterra's directories are limited to enterprise software vendors only. In addition to browsing comprehensive software directories, buyers have free access to software selection guides. Another feature, the Request for Information tool, allows buyers to input their software needs, send them to vendors and have appropriate vendors contact them directly.

About Capterra:  Capterra is the world's leading free software discovery and reviews platform, where organizations of all types and sizes start their search. Founded in 1999, Capterra was acquired in 2015 by Gartner, Inc. features the largest online collection of software user reviews and research across hundreds of categories. Every year, Capterra helps millions of buyers find the right software solutions for their business.