Capterra Unveils "A Roadmap to Buying software" Infographic

Illustration Outlines Steps to a Successful Business Software Purchase

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Besa Pinchotti, Capterra Inc.
Phone: 703-994-4151

Arlington, VA — Capterra, an online service that connects buyers and sellers of business software, launched an infographic this week to provide businesses with an easy, step-by-step plan to buying the right software. The "Roadmap to Buying Business Software" infographic guides potential software buyers through the entire purchasing process, from initial research to final vendor selection.

"We want to help businesses tackle these big purchases with confidence," says Capterra CEO, Michael Ortner. "This roadmap will lead them toward a successful software selection — one they won't have to repeat in a few months due to choosing the wrong program."

It's easy for software shoppers to get caught up in the exciting functionality various programs offer and lose sight of what's important to their individual business. Similarly, much of the information available to buyers today is written by the software vendors, therefore making it difficult for them to find reliable, unbiased advice throughout the purchasing process. Capterra designed this infographic to help buyers avoid these and other common pitfalls when shopping for a software solution.

"What we're doing with this infographic is making the process simple and manageable," says Ortner. "It's almost like providing a recipe for a business technology purchase: do A, B, and C, and you will succeed."

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