Capterra Publishes New Research on Top Construction Management Software

Infographic ranks the Top 20 construction management providers on popularity

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Dylan Echter, Capterra Inc.
Phone: 703-955-4837

Capterra, an online service that helps businesses find the right software, published a new infographic today: The Top 20 Most Popular Construction Management Software Solutions. This study is the first of Capterra’s Top 20 popularity research series to focus on the construction management industry. Newforma, Viewpoint, and RIB MC2 take the top 3 spots.

Construction management software pushes beyond traditional project management solutions to cater to the specific needs to contractors and subcontractors. Consisting of bidding and budget capabilities, labor and materials management, and many other industry-specific facets, these solutions are designed to keep building projects running on time and on budget.

“We may live in a service economy, but construction is still the backbone of our day-to-day lives. Our offices and our homes are a basic necessity,” said Capterra CEO and President, Mike Ortner.  “We rely on these structures to shelter us, and expect them to be safe and well-built. A lot of the responsibility of that falls on the building contractor.”

These rankings are determined using Capterra’s unique popularity index, which provides a weighed and ranked score for each software solution based on number of customers, number of users, and metrics of social presence. Recent additions to this Top 20 infographic series include fleet management, salon management, and business intelligence. Capterra updates each of these infographics several times per year.

“Construction is an industry with many moving parts, and it’s the job of the often-understaffed contractor to make sure all of those parts work together,” said Ortner.  “Construction management software takes into account the specific needs of this industry, and provides a specialized tool that both independent contractors and large building firms rely on. With this new research, construction companies and contractors are now able to quickly see which solutions are most popular among their peers.”


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