Capterra Ranks Top Performance Appraisal Software by Popularity

New data reveals the Top 20 Performance Appraisal solutions.

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ARLINGTON, Va.-- Capterra, an online service that helps businesses find the right software, released new research today. The Top 20 Most Popular Performance Appraisal Software infographic is the latest in Capterra’s Top 20 Software Popularity research series. The Performance Appraisal research is the second to focus on the HR industry, and it is a follow-up to the Top 20 Talent Management infographic, first published in 2012. The top 3 Performance software solutions are IBM, Oracle, and SuccessFactors.

Performance appraisal software helps companies track and manage employee performance reviews. By aggregating employee review feedback, the software allows managers to make informed decisions in regards to employee growth and development plans, organizational structure, promotions, compensation plans, firings, and training assignments. While performance appraisal software can often be found as part of a broader talent management suite, it is also available as a stand-alone product for businesses that do not need any additional talent management functionality, such as recruiting, benefits administration, and onboarding. 

“HR software is such a broad category, we decided from the beginning of our research that it wouldn’t be that helpful to present it as a single entity,” said Capterra President and CEO, Michael Ortner. “We focused on the broader Talent Management software industry in one of our first infographics. Now, we’re getting even more specific with our research, and we’re looking at a specific aspect of HR Tech – performance appraisal systems.”

Capterra determined the Performance Appraisal Top 20 ranking with its unique Software Popularity Index. The index combines number of customers, number of users, and metrics of social influence to assign each software solution a weighted and ranked score. Other recent studies in this series have focused on construction management, email marketing, and fleet management. 

“It’s important for all employees—regardless of where they work—to understand how their work helps their company achieve its mission. And most employees also want to know how they’re performing at their job along the way. Performance appraisal software helps business leaders and HR professionals deliver that feedback to employees on a regular basis-- and hopefully gather some valuable feedback for themselves, as well.”

Capterra updates all infographics in its series multiple times per year.

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