Capterra Surpasses 25,000 Software Reviews

Business Software Reviews Program Was First of Its Kind in 2007

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Dylan Echter, Capterra Inc.
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(ARLINGTON,Va.) Capterra, an online service that helps businesses find the right software, just passed a major milestone of 25,000 user-submitted business software reviews on its site. The software reviews program, which has been live since 2007, allows business software users to share their experience with a certain product with potential software buyers. It gives real users of the software the ability to leave a summary of their experience, detail pros and cons, and give the product an overall rating on a 5-star scale, as well as additional ratings for customer service and ease of use .

Though the software reviews program has been live for eight years, when Capterra launched the first user-submitted reviews program specifically for business software products, Capterra has seen a dramatic acceleration in the number of reviews as of late. As recently as October 2014, Capterra crossed 15,000 software reviews on the site, receiving an additional 10,000 reviews in an 8-month period.

Capterra CEO Michael Ortner attributes the recent surge in reviews to several factors. “For almost two decades now, buyers in all industries have used the Internet to compare options and see user feedback,” Ortner said. “Business software represents a more complicated purchase, however, so users have only recently come to trust user reviews as a valid representation of a business software experience.”

“In addition, software companies are now--more than ever--taking ownership of their online reputation. That includes not only encouraging users to review their product to elicit feedback, but making actionable changes to their products and services based on that feedback.”

This milestone ensures Capterra's ability to provide adequate information to business software buyers so they can be both effective and efficient when comparing various options. To ensure validity and fairness of these reviews, users are required to provide a name, place of work, and a valid email address when submitting a review.



About Capterra:  Capterra is the world's leading free software discovery and reviews platform, where organizations of all types and sizes start their search. Founded in 1999, Capterra was acquired in 2015 by Gartner, Inc. features the largest online collection of software user reviews and research across hundreds of categories. Every year, Capterra helps millions of buyers find the right software solutions for their business.