Recruiting Software Impact Report

This recruiting software study looks at how recruiting and applicant tracking software have impacted hiring at organizations. The numbers are powerful.

Published by J.P. Medved, May 6 2015

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As software eats the world, recruiters, hiring managers, and staffing firms face new pressure to adopt the most current tools and practices in the hunt for quality applicants.

Recruiting software and applicant tracking software products are crucial elements of this process, and can not only reduce the burden on hiring managers by automating previously manual tasks, but can also improve the quality of the work they do by streamlining and standardizing the hiring process

In this new recruiting software study we looked at the actual impact hiring managers and recruiters were reporting at their organizations from the adoption of such software.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Fully 75% of recruiters and talent managers use some form of recruiting or applicant tracking software.
  2. Of those, the vast majority, 94%, say software has improved their hiring process.
  3. Only 5% of HR professionals who use software think it has a negative effect on their organization.

Who uses recruiting software

Somewhat surprisingly, we found that across industries and company types, HR and hiring professionals were using recruiting and applicant tracking software in huge numbers.

Do you use recruiting or applicant tracking software during the hiring process?

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Fully 75% of all respondents use some form of recruiting or applicant tracking system when hiring. Tweet ThisFully 75% of all respondents use some form of recruiting or applicant tracking system when hiring. This is true whether hiring for internal needs, or as part of a staffing firm and across HR and talent management roles.

Of software users: Is your company a staffing firm, or do you hire only for internal roles within your company?

Chart showing staffing firms vs internal hiring

A slightly higher percentage of software users were staffing firms than in the population as a whole (27% vs. 21%) but the breakdown between internal hiring users and staffing firms was roughly similar between software users and all respondents.

Of software users: What is your HR or hiring role at your organization?

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Most software users self-identified as recruiters at 53% with a smaller amount, 38%, identifying more broadly as talent managers, and only 9% under some other title. This is perhaps not surprising given the type of software they use, but given that this survey was administered to a broad pool of HR professionals, and that the numbers for all respondents closely mirrored these, it also seems to indicate people in the HR and talent profession spend a lot of their time focused on recruiting new talent vs. supporting the talent already at the organization.

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What is the effect of recruiting software?

Of those who use recruiting software or an ATS, respondents overwhelmingly saw a positive impact on their business.

How has software impacted your hiring process?

A staggering 94% of HR professionals say recruiting software has improved their hiring process. Tweet This Chart showing recruiting software impact

A staggering 94% of HR professionals who use recruiting software said it has improved their hiring process. Only 5% of software users replied that their hiring process has been hurt by software with just 1% claiming no impact at all. These numbers indicate high levels of user satisfaction in the recruiting software space and could also point to low levels of customer turn over between software vendors.


Recruiting professionals and hiring managers who are not, at this point, yet using software to handle their candidate sourcing and acquisition process are at a serious disadvantage against the multitudes who are. Not only is software use widespread in the recruiting industry, but its effect is uniformly positive, helping a shocking number of talent managers and recruiters to improve their hiring process and source more, and better talent for their organizations or clients.


Capterra collected the information in this recruiting software survey with five questions asked to qualified HR and Talent professionals over a period of eight days and receiving 102 full responses.

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