Reporting Tools Software FAQs

  • What are reporting tools?

    Reporting tools (or reporting software) allow real-time access to reports containing analytics, statistics, and information collected from various business data sources.

  • How much do reporting tools cost?

    Many reporting software companies don’t list their product prices because they offer custom pricing based on a company’s needs, number of users, and storage capacity requirements. These prices typically range from $10 per user, per month to $190 per user, per month. For companies that do advertise their prices, monthly fees range from $15 per month to $880 per month.

  • What are some common reporting tools features?

    Some common reporting tools features include alerts/notifications, report scheduling, ad hoc reporting, data visualization, collaboration, and customization and branding.

  • What are the benefits of using reporting tools?

    Benefits of using reporting tools include the ability to access real-time, accurate data and customized, ad hoc reports to help users make better business decisions, and to promote communication and collaboration.

  • Are there free reporting tools software options?

    According to our research, some free reporting tools options include: Pentaho Community Edition, Jaspersoft Community, ClicData Personal, and Jedox Base.

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