Sprout Social vs Famm.io

Starting Price

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Best For

Sprout helps agencies and businesses - both large and small - extract real business value out of social media through effective engagement, publishing, listening and analytics tools.

With Famm.io it is possible for everyone to search for relevant marketing channels by tracking your competitors and analyzing social media posts performance and finding brand influencers.

Ideal number of Users

1 - 1000+

10 - 1000+


4.4 / 5
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Ease of Use

4.4 / 5

  • "The hashtag tracking tools are excellent as well as set out beautifully in well designed reports, easy to use."

  • "The interface is beautiful, clean and easy to use. The drop downs are intuitive and you don't have to guess around to get what you want done."

Customer Support

4.4 / 5

  • "The interface is easy to work with and has a good flow, there is always amazing customer service whenever I need it."

  • "Great interface, minor glitches but great customer service if this ever occurs."

Features & Functionality

4.1 / 5

  • "It's a much cleaner experience than a tool like Hootsuite. Toggling between clients is really helpful for staying organized."

  • "Their support team is quick and helpful. We had a more "advanced" tool in the past, but Sprout Social fit our content and tagging needs better."

Value for Money

4 / 5

  • "Efficiency, cost savings and better reporting. It saved me lots of time and was easy to train other associates."

  • "May not great be for small institutions due to its price but does the tool is worth it's buy."

Product Features

  • Campaign Management
  • Gamification
  • Response Management
  • Review Generation
  • Review Monitoring
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Social Media Monitoring
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