Reviews Madness Tournament 2018

It's that exciting time of the year again for basketball fans: March Madness! To celebrate, we're hosting our fourth annual reviews tournament: Reviews Madness. We hope you join the fun!

How does it work?

64 software companies will face off to see who can collect the most user reviews round-by-round, until one champion is left standing. Check the bracket below each week to see which software businesses generated more reviews than their competitor and will move on to the next round. Be sure to help your favorite software companies move on by leaving a review! (Vendor names are clickable)

Reviews madness final 2018

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Tournament Rules

  1. Only new, confirmed reviews collected during each round will be counted. When a new round begins, each vendor will start at "zero" for that round.
  2. Reviews must be entered directly by customers. If a review has been entered on a customer's behalf, it will be removed. Existing customer testimonials may not be repurposed as reviews.
  3. Reviews may not be anonymous - all reviewers must enter their full name and business email address.
  4. Tournament participants are not able to collect reviews using the Reviews as a Service (Raas) program during their tournament participation.
  5. For full guidelines on reviews submitted on Capterra, log in to the vendor portal.