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FAQs for Reviewers

  • Why am I receiving emails from Capterra after submitting a review?

    Users who submit a review on our site agree to opt-in to future communications from us as outlined in our site terms. Any user who does not wish to receive these notices may choose to opt-out of our email program by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link provided in these emails. Please review our site terms for further details.

  • I left a review but didn’t receive a gift card! Why not?

    For those reviewers who submitted a review as part of an incentive program, please keep a few key points in mind:

    • Only published reviews are eligible for an incentive. If a review did not meet our Guidelines and was not published, the reviewer will not be eligible for an incentive for that review. We do, however, encourage that reviewer to submit reviews in future incentivized review campaigns they remain eligible for.
    • Gift cards are automatically fulfilled by our system at set times. In order to minimize error, our system automatically fulfills gift cards at periodic intervals.
    • Ensure that the email link to which you responded contained an incentive offer. Only reviews that are submitted after clicking on an incentive link in an email are eligible for an incentive. These links contain tracking information that allows us to match the incentive to the submitted review. If you did not click on a link in the campaign email, our system has no way to know that you left the review.
    • We could not verify your identity. If we required additional information from you, we may have reached out to you for additional information, during which time both your review publication and incentive were paused. Responding to our request may allow us to publish the review and provide you with your gift card.
    • The gift card confirmation link was not clicked on. To ensure our gift cards are going only to valid emails, we send a confirmation email containing a link that must be clicked on before the actual gift card is sent.
    • The review was submitted after the incentive expired or after payout limits were reached. Some of our programs offer a limited number of gift cards only, or have an offer that expires after a set period of time. Reviews submitted after the thresholds have been met would not qualify for a gift card.

    In all cases, please double check your Spam and Trash accounts for our gift card offers before reaching out to our support team.

    A note on fraud. Gift card codes are unique, and may only be used only by those who have access to the email the cards were originally sent to. Please know that we are able to track gift card balance and identify whether a gift card has been redeemed and used. Illegitimate requests for an incentive, as well as any fraudulent activity related to leaving reviews in exchange for an incentive, may result in removal from our reviews incentive program.

  • Why wasn’t my review published?

    To protect the integrity of our reviews program, reviews may be disabled if we do not feel confident we have verified the identity of the reviewer, or if we feel the content submitted does not adhere to our guidelines. In some cases we will reach out to reviewers requesting additional information to help us determine whether we can publish the review. Following your review submission, please keep an eye out for an email from us requesting additional details that may be required to publish your review!

    If it’s only been a short while since you submitted your review, please be aware that it may take up to a week before a submitted review has time to be properly vetted. On average, a review takes up to 72 hours to be verified and published.

  • There were some edits to my review. Can you tell me why?

    As per our reviewer policies, so long as a review meets our guidelines, we will never edit it in any way that would change the original intent. However, we may make simple edits to correct typos or remove non-standard characters. The reviewer will not be notified about these edits, which are made at the discretion of Capterra.

  • How can I edit or remove my own review?

    Only the original reviewer is entitled to direct us to edit their content or request that we remove their review.

    • To request an edit to an existing review: Any reviewer may send us an email (using the email address via which they submitted their original review) to reviews@capterra.com, explaining the exact edits, along with any additional rationale behind the edits (for our records). Assuming the edits or new content adheres to our Guidelines, we will be happy to make those changes.
    • To request a review to be removed: Any reviewer may send us an email (using the email address used to submit the original review) to reviews@capterra.com, explaining which review they want to remove and the rationale for such removal (for our records). Once we disable an existing review, a reviewer always has the option to submit a new review for the product.

  • I submitted a review, but was told the review did not meet site guidelines and will not be published. What now?

    If a review does not pass our QA process or is identified by our team as not meeting our Community Guidelines, the review will not be published. Reviews that are not published do not qualify for an incentive, even when submitted in response to an incentive offer. Users may submit another review that meets our guidelines.

  • Is a reviewer allowed to review the same product more than once?

    While a reviewer may update their own review at any time, only a single review per product is allowed within a six-month period. If a second review is submitted by the same reviewer within this timeframe, the older review will be disabled and the newer review will remain published as the most recent experience.

  • Are reviewers liable for any penalties for leaving fraudulent reviews?

    In short, possibly. When submitting a review, you are agreeing to our site guidelines, and that all content submitted meets our guidelines. Our site has the right to seek legal action against any reviewer who submits a review containing fraudulent, or misleading, information. In addition, many jurisdictions in and outside of the United States take reviews content very seriously, and have prosecuted reviewers over posting fraudulent content. In 2009, a case was settled by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in which a company posting fake reviews agreed to pay a $300,000 penalty. Countries outside of the US, such as the UK, France, Italy, and Germany, also have strict laws posted about reviews fraud, as dictated by the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive.

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