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Help your school fulfill its mission with easy-to-use software that saves time and improves enrollment. Loved by administrators, teachers and parents worldwide. Backed by an award-winning support team. Get started in days not weeks! Learn more about Gradelink SIS

Help your school fulfill its mission with easy-to-use software that saves time and improves enrollment. Learn more about Gradelink SIS

Alma's integrated suite of SIS, LMS and Admissions/Enrollment tools empowers learning communities with a modern software platform ready to take on todays challenges and tomorrows opportunities. Information visualization encourages data-driven decisioning while progressive educational tools enable a shift to best classroom practices, all via an interface that increases usage and adoption. Learn more about Alma

One platform. Hundreds of features. Limitless insight. Almas integrated SIS+LMS tools empower educators with modern software solutions Learn more about Alma

Kiddom is the all-in-one school operating system. Classrooms gain access to a library of teaching resources and curriculum development tools. Beautiful, actionable reports help students, teachers, parents, and administrators monitor progress and take action. With Kiddom, pedagogy and technology work together in harmony to help all teachers and learners unlock their full potential. Learn more about Kiddom

Kiddom is THE all-in-one school operating system. Learn more about Kiddom

Sawyer Tools is powerful after school management software built by and for providers of children's after school programs. Our elegant, all-in-one interface includes custom class management, online registration and payment processing, instant communication with parents, and powerful scheduling tools for students and staff Learn more about Sawyer

Built by and for children's activity providers, Sawyer is class management software for scheduling, online payments, and more. Learn more about Sawyer

For colleges & universities, Evisions Argos is a complete enterprise reporting solution that fits all needs, from ad-hoc queries to more advanced analytics and dashboards - without requiring additional tools or a middle layer. The user-friendly interface and report designer, along with the fact that it's a full SQL tool supporting insert, update, and delete operations, enable Argos to deliver the insights needed to make timely, better-informed, data-driven decisions. Learn more about Argos Reporting Software

Higher Ed reporting tool that is flexible, powerful, & easy-to-use. Developed by experts to help colleges & universities work better. Learn more about Argos Reporting Software

Our cloud-based PK-12 school administrative software solution is trusted by thousands of schools worldwide. Save time and money with easy-to-use software for Attendance, Scheduling, Web Gradebook, Report Cards, Discipline, Online Forms, Billing, Accounting, Web Portals, Mobile Apps, Cafeteria, Library, Nurse, Admissions with Online Applications and Forms, Development and much more. Learn more about Administrator's Plus

School administrative solution. Features: Gradebook, Attendance, Scheduling, Report Cards, Discipline, Billing, and more. Learn more about Administrator's Plus

We developed BoardDocs for the specific needs of K-12 school systems. BoardDocs has helped over 2,000 organizations dramatically lower costs, increase transparency and reduce time-of-staff by up to 75%. Because our solutions are so easy to use, your organization will operate more effectively from day one. BoardDocs allows organizations to significantly improve the way they create and manage board packets, access information, and conduct meetings. Learn more about BoardDocs

You should expect more from your public school board management software. Save time and money by switching to BoardDocs. Learn more about BoardDocs

MSP is a powerful all-in-one School Information Management System (SIS). MSP saves your school, faculty and parents time by consolidating critical processes into one cloud-based platform. MSPs roots were founded (and have been trusted by) some of the largest and most prestigious Pk-12 Private, Independent & Charter Schools across the United States for over 8+ years. We provide everything to seamlessly operate a School from enrollment to emergency communications and everything between! Learn more about - MSP

School management software providing parents online access to their student's grades, homework assignments, attendance and activities. Learn more about - MSP


by Corvus Engineering

An affordable, easy-to-use, web-based gradebook and school management system offering a wide array of features for individual teachers, schools and districts. Features include student, class, and grade management, attendance and behavior tracking, custom report generation, and extensive student and parent communication features. Individual web portal accounts for students and parents are included with certain subscriptions at no additional cost. Learn more about iGradePlus

Web-based gradebook and school management system for individual teachers, schools, and districts. Learn more about iGradePlus

Schoology's education cloud connects the people, content, and systems that fuel education. It provides all the tools needed to personalize education and improve student outcomes. More than 20 millions educators, administrators, students, and parents from 60,000+ K-12 schools and universities around the world use Schoology to transform how they teach and learn. Schoology is the education technology company putting collaboration at the heart of the learning experience. Learn more about Schoology

Schoology is the education technology company putting collaboration at the heart of the learning experience. Learn more about Schoology

Designed by educators, Edvance is a user-friendly online school management software for K-12 schools. Enjoy cloud-based access to efficient software with our modules: admissions, student and teacher profiles, workloads, timetabling, course planning, academic reporting, gradebook, attendance, behaviour/discipline, message center, IEP module, parent portals, LMS tools and curriculum management. Inquire about our student-centric and analytics solutions. Learn more about Edvance School-wide Management System

Designed by educators our online solutions are tailored to meet academic needs such as gradebook, scheduling, report cards and more Learn more about Edvance School-wide Management System


by PraxiPower Software

Your complete solution for School Management Software! Enjoy an easy solution for attendance, grades, records, daycare, lunch, accounting, student ID cards, time clock, and much more! Our online registration feeds data directly to your school records database. Accounting includes budgeting, payroll, accounts receivable, and more. Parents access grades, tuition payment, attendance, behavior, calendar, and more on the parent portal. Per student pricing makes PraxiSchool affordable for all schools! Learn more about PraxiSchool

PraxiSchool = Practical, Powerful School Management Software. PraxiSchool is cloud based, comprehensive, practical, and affordable! Learn more about PraxiSchool

ASAP Registration + Management Software

by Administrative Software Applications

Our mission is to improve education by easing the administrative load on everyone involved. Our cloud-based school management software includes 33 years of continuous refinements and innovations that further your program and revenue goals. If you offer classes, lessons, camps or trainings, you'll find feature sets expressly designed for you that integrate with our core enrollment, scheduling, accounting, reporting and outreach tools. And you can get a seamless weave with your existing website. Learn more about ASAP Registration + Management Software

ASAP offers educational organizations a trusted online system for both front office public services and back office administration. Learn more about ASAP Registration + Management Software

MAESTRO SIS is a customizable, cloud-hosted student information software for medium to large, multi-tiered institutions. MAESTRO empowers admin & educators by automating administrative tasks, while supporting students & family through the educational experience. MAESTRO's dynamic capabilities include 2-way LMS integration, robust reporting & dashboard analytics, powerful communication & retention tools, academic pacing, grades & attendance, accounting, scheduling, & tools for individualization. Learn more about MAESTRO SIS

Web-based SIS for the administration of medium to large K12 schools, EMO's, and higher ed institutions. User friendly & customizable. Learn more about MAESTRO SIS

SchoolMint is an award-winning school choice and enrollment solution for PreK-12 schools, districts, and cities. Our customizable software provides end-to-end functionality to streamline the school enrollment process (including school choice, recruitment management, application and registration management, and year-round forms) for both families and school administrators. These solutions are available via user-friendly online and mobile interfaces, making them more accessible to all families. Learn more about SchoolMint

SchoolMint is an award-winning solution for K-12 schools and districts to streamline their school choice and enrollment processes. Learn more about SchoolMint

Orbund provides easy to use and powerful web based education management systems. Orbund solutions are being used by a variety of higher education and career education providers. Our products' biggest strengths are flexibility, scalability, exceptional support and competitive pricing. Learn more about Education Management Tools

Complete web based software for managing higher education, professional and career training. Learn more about Education Management Tools

Blue Course Evaluation software helps you optimize and improve the teaching and learning experience by making it easier to engage your teachers and students. By seamlessly integrating with your IT systems, Blue uses your data to fully automate projects from start to finish, helping increase engagement. Learn more about Blue Course Evaluation

Blue Course Evaluation software helps you engage students and teachers in continuously improving the teaching and learning experience. Learn more about Blue Course Evaluation

STARS securely and reliably maintains operational data for colleges and schools. Designed primarily for Post-Secondary Career schools, STARS manages all aspects of operations from Lead Management, Student mobile friendly portal, Student Scheduling, Student Grades and Attendance, Student Ledgers & 1098Ts, Student Financial Aid, Compliance Reporting (Title IV), Placement and Accounting. We use IBM Enterprise grade servers.. 99.99% up-time! Learn more about STARS Campus for Career Colleges

1st cloud school management software system at a great price! We perfected cloud! Click to see real pricing and features on our web! Learn more about STARS Campus for Career Colleges

Diamond Mind's TuitionPay allows you to increase on-time payments and simplify management while maintaining a direct relationship with your families. Accept online tuition and incidental payments while offering a seamless online experience for both payers and school administrators alike. Schools can easily manage payment plan details including number of installments, payment frequency, tuition amount, payment day and more. Offer payment plans that maximize tuition payments and time saved. Learn more about Diamond Mind TuitionPay

Accept online tuition and payments while offering a seamless online experience for both payers and school administrators alike. Learn more about Diamond Mind TuitionPay

GoPad for Schools

by GoPad Secure Technologies

GoPad Secure For Apple Ipad App For Classrooms With Administrator Dashboard provides attendance, child security and communication solution for lower schools, pre-k and camps. Get mobile and cloud access to student's critical information including medical needs and caregiver information. Administrators see current classroom status of each student: in, out, or absent. Logs are kept for easy reporting. Text and email alerts are included for daily use and special blasts. Learn more about GoPad for Schools

GoPad Secure For Schools is an Ipad App with cloud Administrator Dashboard focusing on child security, attendance and communication. Learn more about GoPad for Schools

Computer Resources is the developer of the MMS Student Information Platform, a complete Student Information System for K-12 schools. With products and services that focus on creating better learning environments, Computer Resources is the solution for data management for scheduling, grading, reporting, family engagement, and real-time data visualization. Integrates with more than 250 popular applications, including those for cafeteria management, emergency notification services, and many more. Learn more about MMS Student Information Platform

The MMS Student Information Platform consists of data management software for K-12 schools and districts. Self-hosted or SaaS. Learn more about MMS Student Information Platform


by ProClass

Providing intuitive and flexible class, camp, and continuing education management software complete with online registration, certifications, membership management, donation management tools. ProClass helps continuing education, dance and gymnastics studios, arts organizations, non profits, after school programs, camps, training facilities, lifelong learning and OLLI's, community health organizations, certification and non credit education providers in all 50 states and around the globe. Learn more about ProClass

Easily manage classes and continuing education with flexible fees, online registration, certifications, membership, and fundraising.. Learn more about ProClass

Built especially for established career schools and small non-profits in Adult & Higher Education, Campus Cafe has been in business for almost 30 years and is the only truly integrated school administration software system that manages the full student life-cycle. Campus Cafe is a very affordable suite of software that unifies the Admissions, Student Services, Business Office and Alumni/Development in a single database, saving you money from fewer resources and less errors. Learn more about Campus Cafe

Campus Cafe is a single database Student Information System that manages the Admissions, Student Services, Business Office and Alumni. Learn more about Campus Cafe

First and Only Comprehensive School Safety Solution - Completely Cloud based and Affordable. PikMyKid's main features include Dismissal Automation, Carline management, School bus tracking, Parent messaging, Emergency notifications with 'Panic Button' for school staff. PikMyKid reduces liability and enhances student safety while mitigating traffic around schools. Engages >80% parents. The ONLY product in partnership with Department of Transportation. Over 500,000 users. Learn more about PikMyKid

Comprehensive, Affordable, School Safety Solution for Dismissal Automation, Emergency Preparedness, Traffic & Liability mitigation. Learn more about PikMyKid

Master scheduling software for schools that is fast, easy to use and highly accurate. Fully automated and creates complete master schedules with high accuracy. Free evaluation with your schools data. Learn more about USA Scheduler

K12 master scheduling software that is easy to use, fast and highly accurate. Have a better schedule this year with less time. Learn more about USA Scheduler

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More Information About School Administration Software

In 2014, the National Center for Education Statistics projected that, in the fall, there would be almost 10 million students attending public and private elementary and secondary schools in the U.S. Just looking at public schools, the student-teacher ratio is usually about 16:1. Add to this the widespread use of technology to automate the administration of these schools, and it may be difficult to see how each student can receive an education that is tailored to his or her needs. School Administration Software can help.

It may be news to you that school administration software can actually further the personalization of education for each student. Here are four surprising ways this software can help:

  1. Parent and Student Portals
  2. Classroom Management Tools
  3. Calendars
  4. Online Registration

School administration software comes in all shapes and sizes for different types of schools, grade levels, and administration needs. Knowing which software to choose and which criteria to look for is the best way to make sure that your choice will be a worthwhile one.

There are many features to consider, such as scheduling and admissions management, which will make all of the difference between a quality software choice and a poor software choice. Here is a list of options and aspects you ought to consider when choosing the right school administration software.

  1. Consider Grade and School Level
  2. Take Backup and Security Functions into Account
  3. Don't Forget Remote Access and Networking Capabilities
  4. Consider Student and Faculty Sizes

Free School Administration Software Options

In order to aid in cost reduction while still maintaining order on the technology front, there are plenty of free school administration software options to choose from. Here are the seven free and open-source school administration software platforms, listed in alphabetical order.

These software options were chosen because they all include standard capabilities that you would expect from school administration software such as attendance tracking and class time table creation.

  1. Fedena
  2. feKara
  3. Gibbon
  4. OpenSIS Open Source
  5. School Time
  6. SchoolTool
  7. TS School

As for other software and tools, the Capterra school administration blog is full of recommendations and guides to the newest technology in education. If you enjoyed this piece, be sure to read these other blog posts:

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