Service Dispatch Software FAQs

  • What is service dispatch software?

    Service dispatch software schedules and dispatches technicians to handle customer service requests routed through a customer call center.

  • How much does service dispatch software cost?

    Service dispatch software pricing varies widely based on included features and integrations, with some solutions charging annual fees of $50 per user, others charging one-time fees of $2,000 per user, and still others charging a $25 monthly subscription fee.

  • What are some common service dispatch software features?

    Common features include scheduling software, inventory management, billing, accounting, job tracking, and a customer database.

  • What are the benefits of using service dispatch software?

    Service dispatch software helps companies dispatch industry-specialized employees in an organized and efficient manner to address customer service requests. These systems eliminate manual dispatching, simplifying both the scheduling and customer qualification processes.

  • Are there free service dispatch software options?

    Yes, ServiceTrade Commercial and Fergus each offer a free plan. Most service dispatch software options offer free trials or a free demo before requiring payment.

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