ZipRecruiter vs Workzoom

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Best For

Over one million businesses, of all sizes, have used ZipRecruiter to find top talent.

Businesses with 100 - 1,500 employees looking for a highly configurable, secure, Cloud-based solution to automate their HR processes.

Ideal number of Users

1 - 999

1 - 1000+


4.1 / 5
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4.7 / 5

Ease of Use

4.3 / 5

  • "This is a very easy to use platform and a great alternative to craigslist, indeed, and We have found some great candidates using this platform."

  • "We like the ease and functionality of ZipRecruiter. It's not too robust like some of their competitors and the interface is very user friendly for beginners."

4.8 / 5

Customer Support

4.1 / 5

  • "As long as you know the information you are posting in the applications you are good. Sometimes you can ask customer service to help you in whats best to write."

  • "The ease of use and customer support was great. The analytics that they use is great because it shows you job listings based on your profile which is a match to your qualifications and searches."

5 / 5

Features & Functionality

4.1 / 5

  • "It is fairly easy for computer users of all stages to use. I like that it has additional interview questions that help distinguish a good candidate."

  • "I came to the software because I had no luck with other notable recruiting applications. It however was not my first choice and is not the best but is better than average."

5 / 5

Value for Money

4 / 5

  • "Lots of candidates and it seems like ZipRecruiter has grown in popularity over the past couple years and has invested in improving the platform and attracting more talent. I might give it another try."

  • "Overall, I enjoy using ZipRecruiter. Having the ability to sponsor an ad for as little as $50 is helpful when I have positions with a small budget."

5 / 5

Product Features

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  • Compensation Management
  • Competency Management
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Training Management


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  • Business Hours
  • Online
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Business Hours
  • Online


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