Time Tracking Software FAQs

  • What is time tracking software?

    Time tracking software automates the process of recording and tracking billable hours including time spent on specific tasks. It also tracks time for hourly employees.

  • How much does time tracking software cost?

    Time tracking software prices vary by the number of features included. Most vendors charge per user, per month, with prices ranging between $4 per user, per month and $39 per user, per month.

  • What are some common time tracking software features?

    Some common time tracking software features include overtime calculation, timesheets, time per project reporting, time approvals, time and expenses, estimates, and invoicing.

  • What are the benefits of using time tracking software?

    Time tracking software benefits users by helping them maximize billable hours and easily track and define how they are spending their time. Time tracking software assists users in managing time-off requests, creating and managing schedules and shifts, and allowing employees to clock in and out.

  • Are there free time tracking software options?

    Yes, according to our research there are several free time tracking software options including AccountSight, Due.com, Hubstaff, Ronin, Tick, todo.vu, Toggl, and Trigger.

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