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Why do over 1,000 successful software companies advertise with Capterra?

Because last year, more than 6 million businesses used Capterra to find software. Regardless of your industry or target market, our programs can help you reach active software buyers and generate qualified leads.

You're in good company.

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Overview & Benefits

PPC gives you maximum exposure on Capterra's software directories, driving qualified prospects to your company website. Visitors who click to your website from Capterra are four times more likely than the industry average to convert into a lead.

With Capterra we are able to get a lot more exposure and we have closed several sales of a substantial nature.

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Ken Hayes
Harris Computer Systems

Premium Placement

With a PPC listing, you're guaranteed to appear above all of your competitors who have a basic listing. You can showcase your software in the prime real estate at the very top of the directory

Customizable Bids

Bidding starts at $2 per click and increases in $0.25 increments. You can increase your bid to control your position and traffic volume within the directories, and you can set a monthly limit on your campaign to safeguard your spend.]

Conversion Tracking

With the help of our free conversion tracking tool, you can easily track the success of your PPC campaign and measure which Capterra directory generates the most leads for you, allowing you to bid more effectively.

Personal Marketing Advisor

As a PPC customer, you'll get access to your very own Capterra Marketing Advisor, who will assist you with campaign optimization, landing page and website design, advice on lead tracking and conversion, and so much more!

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