Workflow Management Software FAQs

  • What is workflow management software?

    Workflow management software coordinates and monitors various tasks to ensure the work is properly implemented and to improve overall work processes. Organizations use workflow management systems to coordinate work processes, automate tasks, provide employees with information on assigned projects, track performance, and test the effectiveness of business strategies.

  • How much does workflow management software cost?

    Workflow management software cost factors include the number of users, deployment type (cloud-based or on-premise solutions), and number of features. A majority of workflow management solutions provide customized price quotes based on individual customer needs, so it’s important to research various systems and what they offer. Visit our workflow management software directory for a comprehensive list of workflow management solutions and their features and pricing information.

  • What are some common workflow management software features?

    Some common features of workflow management software are form design and management, role-based access control, integrations with other tools (such as document management and project management tools), graphical workflow process designers, and robust analytics and reporting. Visit our workflow management software directory to search and filter by desired features.

  • What are the benefits of using workflow management software?

    Workflow management systems streamline internal processes and reduce errors by automating manual and redundant tasks, such as manual data entry and requests. By reducing manual work where possible, it also reduces human error. Through automating tasks and monitoring performance over time, these systems help increase productivity by allowing staff to focus on more engaging projects.

  • Are there free workflow management software options?

    Joget Workflow is an open source workflow management software option. Other systems such as Wrike, Process Street, and WorkflowGen offer free versions of their software, while other solutions offer free trials to test out their product.

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